Level 16 major quest
- All PCs must each have*:
a picture representing the PC,
a short description of their lives
a brief description of 5 people and 5 places that has or will impact the PC.
a wish list of magical items they would like to have
a description of where you live. (You have had the trading enclave in Silvermoon for the past year and have all been working and investing into it. What does it look like now, want will it look when you’re done in 1 year (6 month if you are home). What part is your own? Describe it.

Level 20 major Quest
- Stop the monster, Save Sundabar and the world from being absorbed by it

Level 25 major Quest
- Stop the Servant of the Bloodmoon

Level 20 minor quest
- Find the dragon Flame for the Kobold Mystic in the warrens in the High Forest


Silver Marches Campaign Cardinalis