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Mourn Eveningfall’s Notes, part the second
Being the retelling of the events surrounding Sihoan and the cerulean flames

Date: unknown
Location: The vicinity of Sihoan, the North

I am taking the opportunity of a short rest to update my notes.

The gnolls that attacked us must have been at this business for a while for they had collected roughly 20 human prisoners in a nearby camp. Imagine our surprise when we found a dishevelled Father Blackwell with the commoners. When I enquired as to how he could have fallen so far in such a short period (we had seen him at most a week prior) he indicated that our last meeting had instead taken place six months prior. He also informed us that Helm had apparently been slain by noble Tyr! I was a little troubled by the apparent coincidence between said incident and our quarry’s purpose, deicide. However, a short discussion with the father seemed to support the old adage that relation does not equate causation. Indeed, after a period of mourning, he had joined the forces trying to stop the god-killer’s rampage and was able to share what information he had collected before being captured by gnolls. Of particular interest was the notion that the creature has apparently stopped its travel.

Given our paltry knowledge of the creature’s specific intentions, we cannot simply assume that the creature harbours no further murderous intent. Tellan agreed that our plan to return to the strange shrine was probably the wisest course under the circumstances. I attempted to leave the other prisoners in the Kelemvorite’s hands, but he insisted to join us in our quest. I have no means to forbid him to do so, but I am still concerned by this stranger in our midst. Aaron, Franz and I have far too many untied threads in our past and some of our enemies have shown themselves to be far too “tricksy”. It must be said that his help has been so far crucial and that I am quite grateful. I simply wish that we could know each others true selves more clearly. Also, in the absence of a secure hold, the gnolls’ other captives will join us in our trek. A risky endeavour, but perhaps better than the alternatives.

Under Franz’ guidance, we set out for the shrine. After a time, we crossed a small unexpected canyon, likely the result of the blue flames chaotic effect on the land. Beyond the pass we reached a strange barrier. It stretched as far and as high as the eye can see. It reminded me of a passage I had read in an old tome at the Wizards’ College in Silverymoon. The passage spoke of rare instances wherein the world itself attempts to isolate potentially-reality-shattering (it is unfortunate how the common lexicon is so limited) singularities and judging by the chaotic state of things on our side of the membrane, we had been sealed off like an infection.

As I explained this to my cohorts and considered sending Ma’el through to test the effect on creatures, Lord Hornblade appeared on the other side of the obstruction and began frantically gesturing for us to stop. Although sound would not cross the divide, we quickly began communicating with written messages using the same cantrip I use to teach my classes. A quick demonstration showed that matter leaving the occlusion became unstable. As for matter coming in, I remained unsure as it simply failed to appear within our line of sight. It could simply be shunted in time and/or space, but, without knowing more, it was as, if not more, dangerous as the explosions. Lord Hornblade told us a little about the “bubble”; it is of irregular shape, mostly follows the god-killer’s path and appears to be slowly expanding. We told him of the shrine and its apparent relation to the monster and he agreed that we should continue on as before. He offered some course corrections to account for the land’s new morphology. Finally, with some data concerning the state of energy on our side of the barrier, old Thuderspells was able to formulate improvised enchantments with which to convey a panoply of equipment to replace our lost magical items. It took over 30 minutes for the bundle to cross and it required the sacrifice of a mightily enchanted cloak, but it was humbling to see such mastery of the Art.

On our way back through the canyon pass, we had a chance to put our new equipment to the test as we were ambushed by a group of creatures led by a gibberlng mouther. Here Father Blackwell quickly illustrated that his time away from us hadn’t demished his fighting prowess by starting the fight with an impressive use of extraplanar banishment. Indeed, thanks to his prayer, by the time the mouther had made its way back to the field of battle, we had dispatched all of the its allies and barely had a scratch to show for it. Simultaneously, our other priest friend stayed back with the non-combatant members of our group and ensured their safety as he did a little later when we dispatched a group of trolls and drow. As usual, the dark elves’ presence sent me in a reckless fury, but we were nonetheless able to make quick work of the group. My only concern is that at least one of my cousins managed to flee.

All in all: a good day; we are all becoming more comfortable with our somewhat altered abilities as indicated in our last two encounters and Father Blackwell and Lord Hornblade shed a significant amount of light on our current predicament. Now, let us hope that the cerulean fire has spared our destination.

Mourn Eveningfall

Previous Entry

First Morning

As you pursue the final gnoll and kill it. You pause and take stock of the situation. Although triumphant, you took a beating. You all know that you’ve been in tough situations, but 2 gnolls should not have posed any threat to you. That gnoll’s animalistic rage was primal and the other’s magic was unrecognizable and powerfully effective.

You take a few minutes to rest and suddenly notice another wave of blue flames sweep through you. As you regain consciousness and are all lying on your backs, you ponder your morning.

It starts with the disjunction between your last thoughts and then waking up in the now new world. Then the Gibbeling swarms lead the magically charged Gibbeling swarm that attacked you, then being struck by a wave of blue fire. Then noticing the scars upon your bodies and your lack of magical abilities or items. Seeing the town of Sihoan in ruins and then witnessing the universe / reality tearing apart into a void.

Then attacked by some new type of undead that rose zombie by the scores in the old graveyard by the road, followed by goblins lead by a mutated 4-armed, 2-mouthed goblin, 4 eyes crackling with blue flames, that attacked you. Being struck by a second wave of bluefire and then the ambush with the gnolls.

The land is also changed somehow after this wave of flame.

Well wherever you are and whatever these waves of blue fire are, something is terribly wrong with the world!

As you prepare to continue, Franz mentions that the track you’re following for the Shrine goes off to the South-West and will cross the river at the ford and that he also notice that the gnolls come from down stream, but on this side of the river. He also noticed that although this is the only fight that he saw, the blinds where the gnolls ambushed you have been used for at least a few days and that there camp is not far.

You approach the gnoll camp stealthily. Ready to confront anything… but no one is present. You explorer the camp and find a hut with gnoll supplies. You also find a chest with … You find armour, shield, sword, many robes, incenses and a holy symbols with the symbol of Torm in a chest. You also find a hidden pit with 4 metal cages. Three contains a half a dozen terrified or catatonic people; the last cage contains some sort of mutated humanoid with extra mouths, eyes, an extra arm from its head and the splattered remains of 2-3 others probable prisoners. As you watch, it convulses and expires.

You free the prisoners and help them out of the pit. As you try coaxing the last prison (a filthy, grimy, dishevelled and wild eye human man) out of his cage, one of the other prisoner says “be gentle with him, he has been through a terrible ordeal and was a great man”. As Aaron prepares to gently wrestle the prisoner, he’s shocked for he recognises the last prisoner. It’s father Blackwell you say. The wild eye man focus on you, as if he remembered some long lost thought … Aaron.

Mourn Eveningfall’s Notes, part the first
Being the retelling of the events surrounding Sihoan and the cerulean flames

Date: unknown
Location: The vicinity of Sihoan, the North

It is my belief that we, Franz, Aaron and I, are currently experiencing the consequences of an event of plane-wide significance. As such, I have decided to document our experiences in the hope that these notes, with thorough analysis, will allow us to synthesize a model of the actors and actions currently in play. Please note that I am writing these by hand on what paper I had at hand and that the current relative uncertainty of my survival entreats me to be brief.

The events so far:

We awoke some time before dawn to what felt like the sound of innumerable death screams. There was no actual sound, but the psychic resonance and its almost tangible authenticity left us rattled nonetheless. The darkness that surrounded us highlighted two problems. Namely that all our spells and enchanted equipment had apparently been disjointed and, secondly, that the very Weave was absent in this place. We eventually settled on an explanation predicated on the presence of a dead-magic zone, something which inexplicably seemed to assuage my colleagues fear. Perhaps are they blissfully ignorant of the sort of event required to create a large and persistent hole in the Weave. Regardless, the point was quickly rendered moot by the eruption of a wave of aquamarine and azure fire followed by a swarm of fiery gibberlings. Interestingly enough, they seemed not to fuel the flames but they them.

As we fought the pests, some of our magical abilities returned, but unsupported by the Weave. Only those most basic powers in our repertoires manifested and did so in a sort of instinctive manner, responding to the stimuli of imminent mutilation. In such a reduced condition, I actually had to walk, the gibberlings were able to land in a few hits before we dispatched them. I sent my familiar to scout the surrounding area. I hesitate to call him Ma’el as it appears not to be my faithful feathered friend in his beautiful mithril armour, but a manifestation of the part of myself I had invested in the hawk. Speaking to the creature is a strange experience; one which generates an odd feedback. It returned to inform us that we were still very close to the remnants of Sihoan and that near the ruins were strange strands of sapphire flames wreaking havoc on the land. Having our bearings, we made our way to the town to witness the destructive power of the magical blaze first hand.

This was not our first experience with supernatural wildfire, but, while the fire on the Longtarin’s land was of supernatural origin this one was also supernatural in itself. It seemed prudent to walk away and determine exactly what it was that we were facing before actually facing it. Considering what we knew of the creature we were hunting and also the divine involvement in our recent adventures, we felt it reasonable that the current events were related to the mysterious temple near the city. On our way, we encountered and easily defeated a group of undead near a shrine dedicated to, of all things, Kelemvor. A shrine our priest companion was apparently unaware of. I whish I knew more about this cleric.

Finally, in our approach up to the shrine we encountered a pair of gnoll marauders. Far from having made a full recovery of our magic, arcane or divine, we had nonetheless recovered enough to eventually dispatch the laughing creatures. It is fascinating to note that despite multiple castings the patterns for magic missiles appears to remain imprinted on my mind. Even some of the more complex dweomers which have returned to me seem to only leave me for a short period of time and return without study. Unfortunately, my mind seems to have only recalled spells with physically and temporally immediate effects. Corellon willing, I will recall teleport before long.

Mourn Eveningfall


Vision from Legend and Lore: p. “You’ve warned you friends that you are preparing for an arduous ritual that will assist you. You’ve isolated your self in preparation for the next week challenge. You are ready. You center your self and start the ritual. You bring you mind to bear on the ritual and concentrating with all of your great might and time seems to cease as you pierce the veil of time. You bring forth the legends of what happen to Flame the gargantuan ancient red dragon, scourge of the past millennia and a plague on all sentient beings.

You witness an epic battle between Flame and ancient red dragon flame and 2 mind flayers. The battle is astounding. You notice that that they are not Alhoons simply because from close observation they are still living. One is definitely a epic sorcerer, but the other is some sort of epic divine caster. In the background, you notice a floating bolbus leviathan thing. You are not certain, but it could be a Mind Flayer dimensional exploration vessal. Flame’s downfall is confusing as it’s not really apparent from your vision what happen because the final blows seem too insignificant. Once the dragon is down, they mind flayers attach some sort of metal mechanical harness to the dragon.

Time clouds over…

Time cloud over again and then you see a shadow stretch out from a mountain range to cover a riche, peaceful land. Under this shadow you see a vast horde of undead, goblins and giants pour out of a mountain pass lead by powerful beings of evil. Among them a huge red dragon. Behind it all you sense a truly terrifying presence with 2 soulless eyes piecing the shadowed background. You see the horde, lead by the dragon, defeat armies and there champions and then ravages the land. You see a great battle in a pass in the mountain range. You see the huge red dragon defeated by a valiant human knight with the tabard of two white hands bound by a red cord. Although gravely wounded, the dragon manages to retreat. The human is to busy to pursue as he leads an army composed of centaurs, dwarves, elves, deep gnomes and humans to defeat the evil horde.

Time cloud over again and then you see a shadow of smoke and flame emerging from the mountain range, a different range and it has covered the foot hills. This shadow seems poise and ready to blanket the entire low lands. Under this shadow you sense a strongly fortified fortress that is overcome by large warriors. You then see a long line of slaves being watchmen over by towering dwarves twice there height. As they marched through a mountain pass you see 2 statues that flank the road. They are 20 times the size of the slaves and depict a man and a woman, their arms reaching towards another with palms up, clearly distraught and saddened. A matching statue about 2 miles back up the trail depicts a 30 foot tall young girl sitting and crying on a ledge above the pass. Two eyes pierce the shadow of smoke and fire, and you are certain that they are evil and malicious eyes. The eyes are the eyes of an adult red dragon flying over the shadowed covered land. Although they do not seem to bother him, this red dragon bear extensive scaring on his left side of his body.”

The stronghold of Thoon

You have entered this dreaded Illithids stronghold twice already and you have made progress, yet each battle has proven difficult and tested you mettle. Through these conflicts you have been confronted by strange organic and material constructs, exploding Grimlocks, Sand Giants, Iron Golems and a few Illithids. The only thing you know about these Illithids are that they are from some obscure cult call the cult of Thoon. What exactly Thoon is suppose to be, you have not idea.

Searching for lost gift

You have track down those responsible for stealing the ancient tome of libri Sefer Raziel Ha-Malakh. The thieves wore a clan of kobolds assisted by some common highway robbers. After tracking them down, exploring their warren and defeating the entire clan after suffering horribly from the dreaded badgers. You then arrived to a large cavern with the skeleton of an ancient red dragon. There you battled for your lives and destroyed the monstrosity. You confronted the only survivor of the tribe, an elderly kobold shaman. Although he is in anguish and vanquished, he is by no means defeated. He has a powerful undead demonic bodyguard and you have observed that he and his bodyguard are “powerful” divine spell caster. After reading his journal and trying to penetrate a magically sealed door without success. You decide to discuss the issue with him. First thing you notice is that he is obsessed with restoring Flame to life. Yet he agrees to help you find the tome and tell you were the servant of the Blood Moon has gone. All you have to do is find out why he has been unable to return Flame to life and solve the problem.

After using powerful divination and consulting with specialist, you have uncovered that his soul is on this material plane. Your research has found 2 leads. The first, which you are exploring, is the cavern where Flame was killed by a pair of Illithid. The second is another Red dragon calling himself Flame as well, located in the Western Mountains. Although this dragon seems to have only appear around 75 years ago. Flame has been dead for over 200 years. You have also used the legend and lore spell and have had a powerful vision. This vision has also pointed out that Flame might be in the Western Mountains.

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