Silver Marches Campaign


Vision from Legend and Lore: p. “You’ve warned you friends that you are preparing for an arduous ritual that will assist you. You’ve isolated your self in preparation for the next week challenge. You are ready. You center your self and start the ritual. You bring you mind to bear on the ritual and concentrating with all of your great might and time seems to cease as you pierce the veil of time. You bring forth the legends of what happen to Flame the gargantuan ancient red dragon, scourge of the past millennia and a plague on all sentient beings.

You witness an epic battle between Flame and ancient red dragon flame and 2 mind flayers. The battle is astounding. You notice that that they are not Alhoons simply because from close observation they are still living. One is definitely a epic sorcerer, but the other is some sort of epic divine caster. In the background, you notice a floating bolbus leviathan thing. You are not certain, but it could be a Mind Flayer dimensional exploration vessal. Flame’s downfall is confusing as it’s not really apparent from your vision what happen because the final blows seem too insignificant. Once the dragon is down, they mind flayers attach some sort of metal mechanical harness to the dragon.

Time clouds over…

Time cloud over again and then you see a shadow stretch out from a mountain range to cover a riche, peaceful land. Under this shadow you see a vast horde of undead, goblins and giants pour out of a mountain pass lead by powerful beings of evil. Among them a huge red dragon. Behind it all you sense a truly terrifying presence with 2 soulless eyes piecing the shadowed background. You see the horde, lead by the dragon, defeat armies and there champions and then ravages the land. You see a great battle in a pass in the mountain range. You see the huge red dragon defeated by a valiant human knight with the tabard of two white hands bound by a red cord. Although gravely wounded, the dragon manages to retreat. The human is to busy to pursue as he leads an army composed of centaurs, dwarves, elves, deep gnomes and humans to defeat the evil horde.

Time cloud over again and then you see a shadow of smoke and flame emerging from the mountain range, a different range and it has covered the foot hills. This shadow seems poise and ready to blanket the entire low lands. Under this shadow you sense a strongly fortified fortress that is overcome by large warriors. You then see a long line of slaves being watchmen over by towering dwarves twice there height. As they marched through a mountain pass you see 2 statues that flank the road. They are 20 times the size of the slaves and depict a man and a woman, their arms reaching towards another with palms up, clearly distraught and saddened. A matching statue about 2 miles back up the trail depicts a 30 foot tall young girl sitting and crying on a ledge above the pass. Two eyes pierce the shadow of smoke and fire, and you are certain that they are evil and malicious eyes. The eyes are the eyes of an adult red dragon flying over the shadowed covered land. Although they do not seem to bother him, this red dragon bear extensive scaring on his left side of his body.”



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