Silver Marches Campaign

Searching for lost gift

You have track down those responsible for stealing the ancient tome of libri Sefer Raziel Ha-Malakh. The thieves wore a clan of kobolds assisted by some common highway robbers. After tracking them down, exploring their warren and defeating the entire clan after suffering horribly from the dreaded badgers. You then arrived to a large cavern with the skeleton of an ancient red dragon. There you battled for your lives and destroyed the monstrosity. You confronted the only survivor of the tribe, an elderly kobold shaman. Although he is in anguish and vanquished, he is by no means defeated. He has a powerful undead demonic bodyguard and you have observed that he and his bodyguard are “powerful” divine spell caster. After reading his journal and trying to penetrate a magically sealed door without success. You decide to discuss the issue with him. First thing you notice is that he is obsessed with restoring Flame to life. Yet he agrees to help you find the tome and tell you were the servant of the Blood Moon has gone. All you have to do is find out why he has been unable to return Flame to life and solve the problem.

After using powerful divination and consulting with specialist, you have uncovered that his soul is on this material plane. Your research has found 2 leads. The first, which you are exploring, is the cavern where Flame was killed by a pair of Illithid. The second is another Red dragon calling himself Flame as well, located in the Western Mountains. Although this dragon seems to have only appear around 75 years ago. Flame has been dead for over 200 years. You have also used the legend and lore spell and have had a powerful vision. This vision has also pointed out that Flame might be in the Western Mountains.



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