Silver Marches Campaign

First Morning


As you pursue the final gnoll and kill it. You pause and take stock of the situation. Although triumphant, you took a beating. You all know that you’ve been in tough situations, but 2 gnolls should not have posed any threat to you. That gnoll’s animalistic rage was primal and the other’s magic was unrecognizable and powerfully effective.

You take a few minutes to rest and suddenly notice another wave of blue flames sweep through you. As you regain consciousness and are all lying on your backs, you ponder your morning.

It starts with the disjunction between your last thoughts and then waking up in the now new world. Then the Gibbeling swarms lead the magically charged Gibbeling swarm that attacked you, then being struck by a wave of blue fire. Then noticing the scars upon your bodies and your lack of magical abilities or items. Seeing the town of Sihoan in ruins and then witnessing the universe / reality tearing apart into a void.

Then attacked by some new type of undead that rose zombie by the scores in the old graveyard by the road, followed by goblins lead by a mutated 4-armed, 2-mouthed goblin, 4 eyes crackling with blue flames, that attacked you. Being struck by a second wave of bluefire and then the ambush with the gnolls.

The land is also changed somehow after this wave of flame.

Well wherever you are and whatever these waves of blue fire are, something is terribly wrong with the world!

As you prepare to continue, Franz mentions that the track you’re following for the Shrine goes off to the South-West and will cross the river at the ford and that he also notice that the gnolls come from down stream, but on this side of the river. He also noticed that although this is the only fight that he saw, the blinds where the gnolls ambushed you have been used for at least a few days and that there camp is not far.

You approach the gnoll camp stealthily. Ready to confront anything… but no one is present. You explorer the camp and find a hut with gnoll supplies. You also find a chest with … You find armour, shield, sword, many robes, incenses and a holy symbols with the symbol of Torm in a chest. You also find a hidden pit with 4 metal cages. Three contains a half a dozen terrified or catatonic people; the last cage contains some sort of mutated humanoid with extra mouths, eyes, an extra arm from its head and the splattered remains of 2-3 others probable prisoners. As you watch, it convulses and expires.

You free the prisoners and help them out of the pit. As you try coaxing the last prison (a filthy, grimy, dishevelled and wild eye human man) out of his cage, one of the other prisoner says “be gentle with him, he has been through a terrible ordeal and was a great man”. As Aaron prepares to gently wrestle the prisoner, he’s shocked for he recognises the last prisoner. It’s father Blackwell you say. The wild eye man focus on you, as if he remembered some long lost thought … Aaron.


How is it that Father Blackwell was a great man and we’re virtually unknown. I blame you Franz :P Nyah!

First Morning

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